Peggy Mccoll – Magnet For Money Platinum Edition

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Peggy Mccoll – Magnet For Money Platinum Edition


Peggy McColl’s complete “Magnet for Money” Intensive Course, on 6 jam-packed CD’s!

You’ve heard about Peggy McColl’s life-changing international blockbuster “Magnet for Money.” Now, for a limited time, you can get the complete “Magnet for Money” 3-Month “Intensive” Course on CD: The “Magnet for Money” Platinum Edition!

This is not the “basic” Magnet for Money content, but the complete, unabridged contents of the $495, 3-month “Intensive” course, on SIX LOADED CD’s!

What’s different about the Platinum Edition?

The Magnet for Money Platinum Edition is just that: INTENSIVE. It’s a mind-expanding, journey with a proven master in the principles of attracting wealth and opportunity! Think of it as Magnet for Money “Pro” – for people who are really serious about achieving success in their lives.

This is the full, extended program, guided by Peggy McColl, which she hosts live for $495.

We’ve captured the essence of this landmark course on 6 loaded CD’s. All the incredible learning and secrets, the revelations about your own untapped potential, the steps you must take to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN in your life!

We have a limited supply of this 6-CD set, so please act quickly to get yours!

This 6-CD set includes the actual course Workbook, so you’ll be able to “work” the course exactly as if you were in the live course.

PLUS, we’ve added some new things that make the course even better (see below)!*

So what’s missing?

As mentioned, this is the complete material from the 3-month course, plus a couple of special bonuses. The only thing it lacks is the live phone sessions with Peggy.

But some of you have told us you either can’t afford the $495 live course, or can’t commit to the live session schedule, or want to do the course at your own pace. So, we’ve made this limited number of complete course CD sets available.

“Magnet for Money”: an international phenomenon!

There’s a reason New York Times best-selling author Peggy McColl’s “Magnet for Money” program is spreading like a wildfire: the principles, as documented in her upcoming book “The 21 Distinctions of Wealth,” are making people rich – and these people are spreading the word.

“Magnet for Money” has already helped thousands of people in over 30 countries take apart their misconceptions about what makes some people rich, and others not. They’re opening themselves up to the success that has always been waiting for them.

“Suddenly, among the hundreds of “get-rich-quick schemes” and copycat “success” programs out there, something new and real has appeared. Peggy McColl’s principles are simply amazingly effective.”

Tara Taylor, President of Whitelight Wellness

This Platinum Program will TRANSFORM the way you think about making money – virtually overnight! You will become what Peggy describes as a “Magnet for Money,” who will naturally attract opportunity and wealth smashing the barriers you have unwittingly placed between yourself and financial independence!

Peggy’s 7 books are now in 30 languages and have been sold in over 80 countries. Her work has been praised and recommended by some of the world’s most influential life-improvement coaches, including Neal Donald Walsch, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Debbie Ford, Gregg Braden and others.

The Magnet for Money system will help you:

  • Achieve financial freedom
  • Gain mastery over debt
  • Attract what you want in your life beyond just money
  • Tap into the attitude required for getting and staying rich
  • Shed negative emotions that block you from wealth
  • Rid yourself of anger, fear, frustration and anxiousness
  • Eliminate self-destructive behavior that actually repels money
  • Focus on positives and experience more joy and satisfaction
  • Create a simple daily routine that will keep you on the wealth track

You have never seen anything like this. This program WORKS. And it works FAST!

Forget everything you believe about making lots of money!

Much of what Peggy teaches is the exact opposite of what you’ve heard about making money and getting rich:

  • “You’ve got to have money to make money.” WRONG! (the vast majority of American millionaires are self-made and came from little or nothing).
  • Your (kids) (bills) (mortgage) (car payments) (debt) have you trapped. NONSENSE!
  • You need connections to get rich. RIDICULOUS!
  • It takes a lot of intelligence and higher education to get rich. HOGWASH!
  • You’re stuck in your job. BALONEY!

Some people are actually comforted by excuses like these. Though they’re not satisfied with their lives, they’re intimidated by what they think it would take to achieve the sort of success they’d like to have. It’s easier to just say “I am what I am.” So they turn on the TV and watch another sitcom . . .

But with Peggy around, there are no more excuses. As she says, you already have everything you need within you now. In fact, the universe is primed to deliver its blessings to those who are open to them. All you need to do is “flip the switch” (she’ll teach you all about it).

A giant experiment with 10,000 participants.

What Peggy did was document the simple principles she herself used to go from being needy and stressed out over money to achieving her financial dreams. They seemed too easy to be true. Was it LUCK? She had to know. After all, like all of us, she had friends and family who needed to climb out of financial holes of their own.

So Peggy began to share her principles with other people. They too realized similar results. She shared them on the Internet – then published a book. It became a New York Times bestseller. Then more blockbuster books followed, and speaking engagements from coast to coast.

Her celebrity took off. The fire had started, and it continues to burn, hotter and hotter, as more and more people transform their lives . . . even in “opportunity-challenged” places like Romania and Russia.

Another silly “get rich quick” program? Hardly . . .

Peggy McColl is different. When you meet her, you know instantly that she’s genuine. It comes through in her smile, her voice, her eyes. She’s come through hard times and has made it her mission to share with others the way out of financial stress. Above all, she’s a joyful person.

You don’t have to look far to find someone who swears by her simple, powerful principles (quite often, they’re smiling, peaceful and driving a new car or living in a brand new home)!

“One thing I love about Peggy McColl is that her way to wealth is so POSITIVE – it’s all about attitude, gratefulness, being open – it’s just not true that getting rich is about being selfish or mean. I not only am a lot more successful – I feel I am a nicer, better person.”

Anick Lavoie, Owner of FitnessPlus

The thin wall between you and the rich.

You probably think your financial situation has everything to do with your circumstances. Your level of education. The expenses of raising kids. Debt. The limits of your job qualifications.

But you’re about to learn the astonishing truth: circumstances have NOTHING to do with it. As Peggy says, you are already a “Magnet for Money.” But you have to tear down the wall you’ve created that’s blocking you. It’s a very THIN wall that will collapse quickly as you practice Peggy’s techniques.

Too EASY to be true?

It does NOT take special intelligence. It does NOT take connections, or “opportunities”. It doesn’t matter whether you were born rich are poor.

Hint: the difference between you and rich people is your mentality. Don’t believe it? Peggy McColl has PROVED it. There are thousands of people just like this:

“It makes me CRAZY to think of all the years I wasted assuming I was trapped in my crummy financial situation, when the exit was right in front of me. I am 58 now and finally living well; if only Peggy McColl had been around ten or fifteen years ago!”

Gerry O’Beirn

The simple reason you’re stuck – and how to get unstuck.

FACT: a runner on the starting line who does not believe he or she can win the race will not win. If you look at your life now and see wealth as an impossibility, if you see your job and bills and debt as “just the way it is,” then you don’t stand a chance either!

But here’s the other side of the coin – the “shiny” side. In mere days, you can turn this negative mentality upside down. And you will be shocked at how quickly your life and fortunes will change.

You WILL be one of the winners. It’s inevitable. Because the fact is that regardless of the “economy,” there is so much money and opportunity out there – and so few with the attitude to grab it. No wonder some people seem to have “all the luck” (it’s anything but luck)!

You will learn:

  • Simple “switching” techniques that instantly convert self-defeating thoughts and emotions into an irresistible and undeniable force for attracting opportunity and wealth.
  • Meditations that will imprint this “magnetic attraction” for money in your brain – and as a side benefit, make you a happier person, too!

If you have the key, will you open the door?

What’s in this course WILL work to open the door to wealth for you – as it has for so many others. The only question is, will you use it? Peggy insists there’s no point in ordering if you will just listen to the course and not use it. She wants you to be transformed.

So the question is: ARE you ready?

Money – and more.

Yes, this Platinum Program is about attracting wealth. But it’s much more than that. It’s also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take those things you really want to work on, and work on them with an expert. Peggy will show you how to apply the same “attraction” principles to bring success to ALL areas of your life:

  • Becoming a magnet for new income and opportunities
  • Getting out of a dead-end job or starting a new business
  • Turning a self-defeating attitude into one that makes success virtually inevitable
  • Having incredible relationships
  • Replacing worry and anxiety with calm and peace

Learn from Peggy’s personal success story.

As part of this course, you’ll hear how Peggy:

  • Went from being an uneducated “nobody” to writing a New York Times Bestseller – and from a quarter-million dollars in debt to a seven-figure business – using the principles she’ll teach you
  • Attracted the man of her dreams and still enjoy an amazing marriage
  • Converted her self-defeating anxiety and negativity to joy, abundance and positivity.


  • The complete Magnet for Money “Platinum Edition” Content is on 6 loaded CDs.
  • The 94-page course workbook, the same one used in the $495 course.