Peter Crone – Free Your Mind (Insight Videos)

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Peter Crone – Free Your Mind (Insight Videos)

Do you want to let go of what’s holding you back? For the first time, Mind Architect Peter Crone presents online access to his work with a series of powerful videos explaining how mental constructs limit us and how to find true freedom.
What is the series?

In this online course, you’ll have access to Peter’s insights about how to understand and overcome the limitations of our mind. You’ll also witness real life breakthroughs as he works with four guests and shows them how to overcome their problems and discover freedom.
1. The Insights

In this overview series of 4 videos, Peter breaks down how mental constructs dictate our thoughts, feelings, and actions, and consequently how mindset directly determines our experience of life.
2. The Guest Sessions

Watch Peter put his insights into practice by following sessions with four guests. Witness Peter guide the guests from fear to liberation by revealing the root cause of each of their issues. You get to vicariously apply the same tools and wisdom to your own challenges and so discover your own freedom.