Sara Allen – Unbridle the Radiant Circuits – Aligning with the Soul’s Energy System

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Sara Allen – Unbridle the Radiant Circuits – Aligning with the Soul’s Energy System

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In January 2001 I was flying to Sedona, AZ to take Donna Eden’s Strange Flows class. (Donna now refers to the Strange Flows as the Radiant Circuits).

At the time of this Strange Flow class in 2001, I was also studying medical Qigong. While traveling to Sedona I was deeply absorbed in the blockbuster of a book Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy by Jerry Alan Johnson. I read on the plane to Sedona, that the first eight cell divisions that happen when a sperm meets an egg are the Eight Radiant Circuits. (Jerry Alan Johnson calls these circuits the Eight Extraordinary Vessels).

As often happens to me when I am studying with two great teachers synchronicity fashions a perfect storm. I was completely unaware, that as I was reading Johnson’s book on that plane to Sedona,that I was on the way to study with Donna these exact Vessels.

Donna teaches that the Radiant Circuits are the source of true joy. Johnson teaches that the Extraordinary Vessels are the original infusion of life.

So if the Radiant Circuits are the fountain of joy (ala Donna), and our most primal core self are Extraordinary Vessels (ala Johnson) that must mean that the Radiant Circuits/Extraordinary Vessels are our purest most holy/wholly form.

I relentlessly pondered that if our first state of being fully human is the preliminary eight divisions of the Eight Radiant Circuits than those division must be the circuitry of our soul.

My deduction was this:

If we are ‘made in the image of the creator’, than the ‘creator’ must be the Eight Radiant Circuits.

I sat with this analysis for years. And then a lot of people began to die in my circle. During this time, I did a lot of observing the Radiant Circuits in myself, and others. I observed and worked relentlessly the Circuits on those that were dying. It was not a joy generating time. It was, however, an EXTRAORDINARY time.

Here is what I have learned to be true since January 2001:

    • The patterns of the Radiant Circuits are the structure of the soul’s energy system. Like the Yin and Yang meridians that carry the physical and emotional energies of the body, the Radiant Circuits carry the energies of the soul.
    • I also know to be true, that the ability to hold and know great joy belongs to the Radiant Circuits, but also the ability to hold crushing sorrows belongs to the Radiant Circuits too. The Radiant Circuits are here to hold ALL our life experiences while we are here incarnate.
    • The sounder the alliance is between the Radiant system and the Meridian system, the profounder the capacity for surviving and thriving ALL emotional circumstances. The ability to hold deep sorrow is also the ability to hold great joy.
  • I also know that it is the Radiant Circuits, if they are aligned with the Yin and Yang of the physical and emotional, that will hold us together under devastating life events.

In this class you will walk away with an understanding of how to access and align the Radiant Circuits as a webbing to hold us together in times of great sorrow and pain and despair. At first glance, this may feel contrary to what EEM students think of the Radiant Circuits. This class does not sit in opposition to current EEM teachings on the Radiant Circuits as a source of joy. This class expands and deepens how to use the Circuits, how to align the Circuits with the Yin and Yang meridians. This class teaches how to use the Circuits while enduring despairing phases that living a meaningful life will always bring.

If we ever aspire to be whole after annihilation we must learn how to connect the Radiant Circuits with the Yin & Yang circuits.