Shelle Rose Charvet – LAB Profile Online

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Shelle Rose Charvet – LAB Profile Online

Welcome! I’m Shelle Rose Charvet, the author of Words That Change Minds, and I have been training, consulting around the world to help people find ways to
solve communication challenges,
create better relationships and
achieve outstanding results

How the LAB Profile® Online Program Works:

You will have access to this online program for 12 weeks.
Each week, you access a new Module with 2 sections, so you have the time to watch and practice, without having to do too much all at once.
*If you want the option to access all the Modules at once, or need more time, just let us know after you receive your login information.

Each video shows you the exercises that you can do and questions that you can feed into conversations to practice the skills.

What do you get with the LAB Profile® On-line Program?

  • Access to video of me – filmed live, edited into bite-size pieces with exercises, demos, and answering questions.
    · Clear Instructions on how to complete the program.
    · A new module with 2 short sections to view each week for a total of 12 weeks. *Or if you like, after you login, just ask us to have all the Modules at once.

And for download:

  • The PowerPoint Slides for each section (for your personal use only in this program)
    · LAB Profile® Learning Manual PDF (for your personal use only in this program)
    · LAB Profile® Worksheet with cues
    · LAB Profile® Worksheet without cues